Concord, CA. November 2019 – Tradition and family— two halves of a whole that makes a brand great. In the case of the Uncle Sharkii franchise, they come in the form of original Hawaiian poke and a loving bond between a close-knit family over delicious food. The story begins with the fated meeting of Raymond and Fenny, a Hawaiian native and a strong-willed Chinese local, both ready to put their best foot forward and begin a fulfilling business venture. They found it in a small ice cream shop in California, where Fenny introduced a new product in the menu — poke bowls — to pay homage to her husband’s culture. Before they knew it, more of their customers were looking forward to the new product, but the couple still needed to find a brand. Uncle Sharkii Franchising

Uncle Sharkii Franchising

Uncle Sharkii Franchising

The Uncle Sharkii franchise came to be as a result of a family trip to Fenny’s birthplace in Huang, China, with their daughter Melody. During their visit, they met Fenny’s family, where Melody’s uncle gave her a plush shark toy as a gift, and suddenly there was a face for the brand. “The Uncle Sharkii franchise  is the bond between a girl named Melody and her uncle sharing the love of food, family, and of course, the gift of a plush shark!” After the first establishment was set up in Concord, California, Raymond and Fenny sought out the help of Franchise Creator to take their first step in expanding their brand. Hossein Kasmai, Franchise Creator’s CEO, guided them with his years of expertise in the craft to open their second location in Brentwood. Now franchising in two cities, the brand hopes to continue to establish their presence in California then expand further across the mainland. Uncle Sharkii Franchising

Uncle Sharkii Franchising – In essence, the Uncle Sharkii franchise spares no effort to provide its customers with authentic Hawaiian poke byways of basic but nonetheless incredibly delicious ingredients. Unlike other poke restaurants now franchising, Uncle Sharkii sticks to tried and true bowl recipes that are sure to appeal even the most casual of seafood eaters, keeping their options traditional, but leaving it up to you to mix and match to your heart’s content! Ahi tuna, salmon, shrimp, scallops, and tofu for vegans and vegetarians, are some of the base proteins available for customers to choose from and make the star of their meal. Combined with a hearty serving of vegetables and served atop a steaming bed of rice, anyone visiting the Uncle Sharkii franchise can build the poke bowl of their dreams. Customers can get a taste of the full Uncle Sharkii experience in any location by pairing their bowls with a glass of bubble tea! With the help of Franchise Creator, the flavor of the Uncle Sharkii franchise could be coming to a city near you! Uncle Sharkii Franchising

The presence of poke restaurants in the United States established itself quickly since 2016, seeing an annual growth of 61% since then. Part of this incredibly fast growth came from poke businesses who decided to expand their horizons and move further into main US cities like New York and Chicago. Poke restaurants provide customers with a casual meal setting at a mid-range price (around $12 to $13 for basic bowls), with the Uncle Sharkii franchise leading the way with their food court serving concept versus brick-and-mortar restaurants. With well-known brands now franchising every year, the time to form part of the Uncle Sharkii franchise family is now! For further information about how you can capitalize on this incredibly delicious opportunity, contact Franchise Creator and start your journey!

Franchise Creator provides potential franchisors with the necessary tools to begin the process of expanding their business. Its founder, Mr. Hossein Kasmai, boasts extensive knowledge of the franchising process having franchised concepts of his own that have been ranked among the Top 100 fastest-growing franchises by Entrepreneur Magazine. For more information about Franchise Creator and the services offered, please visit or call 305-592-9229. Uncle Sharkii Franchising